FTXNetworks’ High Speed Internet is the Future of Internet

If you haven’t already switched over to fiber internet with FTXNetworks you’re missing out, and here’s why:


  • Speed

    • The difference between FTXNetworks’ fiber optic internet service and that of others is that FTXNetworks is able to run fiber directly from the backbone to the customers. Clearly a direct link is much faster than running the connection through multiple relays. Fiber optic internet is much faster than other forms of high speed internet because the signal is transferred with light instead of electrons. This is much quicker.
  • Security

    • The signal transferred through a traditional coaxial cable is quite easily tapped because the signal “leaks” out of the cable. Even if the cable is shielded, enough signal to tap into generally leaks through. With fiber optic cable this is not a problem. In order to tap into a fiber optic line, one would have to cut into the cable itself, and that would not go undetected. FTXNetworks’ fiber optic internet service is very secure. With us, your data is safe.
  • Reliability

    • FTXNetworks’ fiber optic internet connections do not slow down during peak times unlike other types of high speed internet. The beauty of fiber optic internet is that there is plenty of bandwidth to go around. If your neighbor streams a lot of high definition video to his TV, you will not suffer for that.
  • Accessibility

    • FTXNetworks is dedicated to bringing the highest speeds of internet available to areas that could not previously receive broadband connections. FTXNetworks is able to deliver customers with a fiber internet connection straight to their home or office building.
  • Affordability

    • FTXNetworks is able to provide customers with the highest speed internet connections at a very affordable rate. Due to our sustainability practices we are able to save money. These are savings that we are able to pass on to our customers. Another way that fiber internet can save customers money is through getting rid of expensive TV bills. Subscribers to Netflix or Hulu pay much less than regular cable or satellite TV subscribers do. They also have to sit through much longer commercials. With FTXNetworks’ fiber optic internet a customer could stream high definition TV through Hulu on-demand whenever they would like. More convenience at a lower cost. Read more about how FTXNetworks can save you money.


Where should we build in 2015?

If you would like to get your area on the 2015 roadmap, let us know. Our network expansion is customer driven. Please contact us and let us know where you would like to see fiber optic Internet service.

While it may seem like 2015 is a long way off, we are already working on our next areas for deployment.

How do we decide where to build? The first step is to look at the requests. Then we pick a few areas and set the pre-registration period. After that we finalize the construction plans, get the preparation work done, get supplies ordered, and begin work. When all of the construction is done, we connect up the clients – YOU.

So, let us know where we should build next.

Waiting is a thing of the past – no more slow DSL or cable

With FTXNetworks’ new Fiber Optic Internet services you won’t be stuck around waiting for a page to load… you won’t even have to wait for a streaming high definition movie on Netflix or Hulu to load. It will just play with no-strings attached. Fiber Internet utilizes the speed of light to bring you the fastest in Internet technology.


Fiber-to-Home, Fiber-to-Business, Fiber-to-X

FTXNetworks prides itself on being able to deliver the highest speeds of Internet services to areas that have previously been isolated by larger companies and left with slower connections like dial-up or satellite. You shouldn’t be denied quality service on the basis of where you live or work.


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